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I’m Not Vegan and Never Will Be August 26, 2009

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**Not an entry for the vegans but could help your friends!**

I’ve heard this a million times. Ok, so you know about Sweet Utopia and are interested enough to check out the Sweet Utopia blog, but you have little interest in becoming a vegan. That’s ok. Let’s go step by step. Did you know that you can try…

-endless varieties of nondairy milk and veggie burgers

-veggie “chicken” patties

-veggie cold cuts

-nondairy cheese, cream cheese, butter and yogurt

-veggie hotdogs, “beef,”  “steak,” “ribs,” “chicken” nuggets, “wings,” “meatballs,” etc.

…just about any other animal based product in a vegan form?

It’s not at all like when I became a vegetarian at age 12. Back then, and I am aware this is dating me, we had one variety of thick, chalky soymilk, and for the lucky ones who knew about it or could get it, vegetarian but not vegan patties imported from Israel in the frozen Kosher section of certain supermarkets. That’s it. I was so lucky that my mother raised us on mostly vegetarian food anyway, and lots of Middle Eastern food, so pasta, humus and falafel it was.

Really! They make everything you can imagine now in a vegan version! Even marshmallows! (In case you didn’t know, they usually contain gelatin, from cow bones.) And even better, you can get the stuff all over the place now! Supermarkets, Target, Walmart, specialty or health food stores, and online. Yes, online, meaning that you can live anywhere and have all types of foods come right to your doorstep for a small delivery fee.

What I’m trying to say is, you are interested, you are curious, and you want to taste some things. Give it a shot. Actually, give it a lot of shots. With so many varieties out there, there are bound to be foods you really like. Some meat substitutes are so realistic that I can easily fool meat eaters with them (and have!). They can be so realistic that I won’t touch them. I even abandoned a gourmet “beef” dish at my favorite Asian vegan eatery because it was too realistic for my tastes and it grossed me out.

Try some stuff, pick a few things you like, and add them to your cooking or eating repertoire. Every little bit counts to help your health, the environment, and the animals. Little by little we can reduce our use of animal products.


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