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The Munchies January 28, 2010

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I like to munch. And my family cannot survive without snacks, little meals, and small goodies to pick on. Sometimes I have the munchies so bad that I end up eating too many and that becomes my next meal. My kids snack all day long when they’re home, right up to the next meal and soon after. They’re tall, thin, growing boys. Here are some examples of snacks I keep on hand that don’t require much preparation, that are mostly healthy…

-Flavored humus, especially chipotle pepper. Trader Joe’s makes a great one, with no preservatives, but there are many supermarket brands. Also Baba Ganoush. If you make these yourself, that’s even better!

-Ready guacamole.These are unpreserved and they come in plastic in the refrigerator section.

-Peanut butter. For an extra decadent treat, try flavored peanut butters like those from Peanut Butter Co. The White Chocolate flavor is like eating candy, but they are all natural. The kids love spoonfuls of peanut or sunflower butter after meals for a little extra filling up of the tank, extra good fat and protein, and it’s also entertainment for them.

-Dips. Tofu sour cream with a natural onion dip mix from the health food store stirred in. Or a homemade dip, of course.

-Crunchy stuff. Tings, Veggie Booty, Potato Crisps, Organic Tortilla Chips, Snapea Crisps, whole grain crackers (Trader Joe’s makes organic crackers with flax), seeded flatbreads, peanut butter filled pretzel nuggets, and endless natural crunchy things we find.

-Of course, we do snack on fruits and vegetables. Apples and bananas are always big, but for me lately, I cannot get enough red grapefruits. Kids love them too because they are so sweet and juicy. Bugs on a log (raisins on peanut butter on celery sticks) are always fun. My toddler will eat any vegetable, like red pepper strips or carrot sticks. Cucumbers and grape tomatoes are popular too.

-Nuts. Always a great snack, and even the kids are beginning to love them. Brazil nuts, almonds, pecans, hazelnuts, cashews, pistachios. I always try to push the super-healthy but apparently less yummy seeds, like sunflower and pumpkin. I will even eat black sesame seeds for a snack–they are super healthy.

Sometimes snacks get a little more substantial, like tortillas rolled up with Earth Balance and sprinkles of nutritional yeast, or a slice of Tofurkey rolled up. Or we’ll have sheets of sushi seaweed. Popcorn is a good one, with the healthiest version being organic kernals popped in a plain brown paper bag and then seasoned with oil or vegan butter and nutritional yeast. There are also tasty organic microwave popcorn packets.

My favorite snack in the world is dark chocolate, but I am trying to keep that to myself and off the list!


One Response to “The Munchies”

  1. Jena Cochrane Says:

    Nice Blog. My kids love bugs on the log and I prefer the dark chocolate. Keep up the great blog. You are an insperation.

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