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What Remains of the Canes February 2, 2010

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Maybe you’re like me and you end up with tens of candycanes, large and small.  Perhaps you put them aside in January as I do, thinking you’ll eat them later, but you never do. So, also like me, maybe yours are already two years old. Here are some easy things you can do with those peppermint yummies:

–Melt them into hot chocolate. Either make your own hot chocolate from scratch or use a vegan version, like Ghiradelli.

–Blend them into a chocolate nondairy milkshake. Use chocolate nondairy ice cream, nondairy milk, and candy canes. You can do the same with vanilla.

–Crush them and sprinkle them on the icing of a chocolate cake or on top of the Sweet Utopia Mint Chocolate Marble Cheesecake.

–Make candies. Melt chocolate and stir in small candy cane pieces to make peppermint chocolate bark.

–Make peppermint cocktails and use the candy canes as stirrers.

–Use them to top nondairy ice cream sundaes.

–Use them in children’s crafts. Let the kids glue them to things!

–Make chocolate dipped pretzel rods and sprinkle them with crushed candy canes before they harden.

There are infinite uses for old candy canes. Don’t even consider tossing them — enjoy yours today!





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