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Why I Fell In Love (with Tofu Sour Cream) February 2, 2010

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I have this white container of Tofutti Sour Supreme that I bought from the super for $1.99. It was sitting unopened in the fridge for a few weeks when I needed to make some dinner in a hurry for my kids. I don’t eat this nondairy sour cream a lot because–while there’s no cholesterol in it and it way less fattening than regular sour cream–it is processed and has some ingredients in it that you don’t want to live on every day. It’s fine in my book though for an occasional addition to a meal. A little goes a long way.

Green & Cream

So after realizing I had this container sitting around, I cooked some fresh broccoli crowns, chopped them up, mixed in nondairy cheese shreds (my favorite Daiya, though any will do, or none at all), threw in some of the cooking water, some Sour Supreme, nutritional yeast for protein and b vitamins, garlic powder, sea salt, freshly ground pepper, and extra virgin olive oil. I stirred it up and voila–creamy, cheesy broccoli that we all–kids included–ate up pretty darn quickly.

Make Your Own

It’s easy to make your own creamy dish. You don’t have to do any planning ahead,  just stir up some tofu sour cream into your dish, add a little water, and it’ll cream up nicely.

For Hanukkah, when we make vegan potato latkes, I always make my own tofu sour cream with a “bite” using silken tofu, fresh garlic, lemon juice, and sea salt blended until creamy, occasionally with some vinegar too. You can make your own for a healthier version of tofu sour cream and store it in a sealed container in the fridge for the next time your creamy craving comes on strong. And if you want, you can season it your way with fresh or dried herbs blended right in. Cilantro is my favorite.

Or you can just blend the drained silken tofu and use it without seasoning, right in your dishes, and season the dish as a whole. I do this with my Pasta Vodka and Stroganoff dishes.

Alfredo Who?

I was so impressed with my broccoli dish, that the next night, I boiled some pasta shells and made a cheesy cream sauce. I added some of the cooking water from the pasta, Daiya cheese shreds, Sour Supreme, olive oil, nutritional yeast, minced fresh garlic, cayenne pepper, and sea salt, cooked it together with the pasta on the stove top for a minute or two, and score! I have not had such a creamy pasta dish in years. It was so fast to make and so unbelievably–deceptively–rich and creamy.

Dip It

I also use tofu sour cream to make quick dips. You can buy a natural vegan onion dip mix in the health food store to stir in, or make your own dip using roasted red peppers, chipotles, or whatever tickles you.

Spice Control

Another great use of tofu sour cream is as an addition to Mexican or Indian food–to cool things down when they’re too spicy. Or in a seven-layer dip that is always a big hit at parties.

…and Dessert

Tofu sour cream can be a cool balance to a sweet fruity dish, or can make a vegan cake super rich and moist. My mom eats it along with her cranberry fruit salsa. Try it over vegan crepes with fruit on top.

As usual, there are many more recipes and ideas to come. Check in with the Sweet Utopia blog regularly.

Love, Sharon



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