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A Vegan Trip to Target February 4, 2010

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I wish I didn’t spend so much money on my infrequent trips to Tar-jay. I always go to stock up on the usual kid stuff, natural cleaning supplies, house stuff, etc. Since not everyone is familiar with how much actual FOOD they sell, I thought I’d make a list of some of the cool things you can find at your local Target store. Target has their own brand of mainly natural foods called Archer Farms. Archer farms has everything from soymilk, to nuts, cereal, natural snacks, and a whole lot more, and is the brand to look for first as a vegan shopping for food at this megastore. You’ll still need to spend some time exploring and reading labels, but once you are used to it, you can make out like a bandit with shopping bags full of vegan food.

– Breakfast. There’s so much to choose from: Archer Farms whole grain flax frozen waffles, refrigerated juices,  hash browns, natural cake and bread mixes, real maple syrup, natural oatmeals, bread, bagels, baking supplies, peanut butter, humus, jelly, dried fruit (though most have sulfur dioxide) and gourmet coffees. The best thing is all the Archer Farms gourmet granola, muesli and other cereals.

-Veggie meat – You should read the labels, because there are some animal products in the vegetarian meats they sell, but many of the Boca meats are vegan, like the chicken patties and nuggets.

-Frozen entrees – You can eat well after your trip to Target. Pick up vegan burritos, Indian food, potstickers with rice and veggies, Asian vegan chicken stir fry, and more.

-Soymilk – There are many varieties of soymilk, including Target’s Archer Farms brand and Silk.

-Munchies – There are way too many to name! You can find everything from organic tortilla chips, salsas, humus, natural fruit bars, granola bars, Luna and Clif bars, Annie’s natural cookies and snacks, fruit sauces with no preservatives, as well as your regular chips, and gourmet snacks of every type.

-Dessert – Don’t leave the store without checking out the chocolate section, where you can find a variety of gourmet vegan chocolate bars, some even organic.  Archer Farms has exotic sorbet flavors, like blueberry lavender and pomegranate blood orange.

-Frozen veggies – You can stock up on any kind of frozen veggie or even natural flavored, herbed roasted potatoes of various sorts.

– Sauces & instant meals – Archer Farms makes really delicious organic and non-organic salsas. Target also sells many other sauces and natural Asian and other meals that you can hydrate and cook quickly.

– Drinks. Look for all kinds of exotic and enhanced fruit juices, healthier energy drinks and sparkling drinks.

-Baby stuff. You can find lots of baby food, including some organic types.

I hope you’ll enjoy your next trip to Target! Leave lots of time to poke around and read labels. There’s so much to buy, at great prices. And if you bring your own shopping bags, you get 5 cents back per bag at the register.





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