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Countdown to the Class Valentine’s Party February 10, 2010

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So every time my kids have a holiday party in their class, I get advance notice and get to work planning. I don’t want my kids to ever feel ostracized by their diet and lifestyle, so I always make sure they get stuff in line with their peers at parties. Of course this is tons of extra work for me, but it’s important. For this Valentine’s party, actually I mean 3 parties, since my kindergarten son has 2 schools and my toddler has one, here’s what I’ve done already by Wednesday for the party Friday:

-Bought eco-friendly valentines. 4 packages of really cool valentines for the kiddos. One type was recycled and had recycled material tattoos, in a rainforest theme, the other was also recycled and had sheet cutouts with seeds in them that the kids could later plant. There were also the ubiquitous stickers that kids love to stick everywhere. The best thing is that I found these at Target for $2.99 each pack.

-Rice Krispy treats. The other day I found some whole grain puffed rice in the super. It was nowhere near the Rice Krispies! Today, after playing in the massive snow with the kids while the hot chocolate was cooking, I broke out the Dandies vegan marshmallows that I bought on Pangaea http://www.veganstore.com. I melted some of the unused marshmallows with Earth Balance vegan butter in the microwave. It overflowed and got sticky gooey marshmallow all over the microwave! I stirred the unmeasured mixture into some puffed rice and squeezed it onto a little pan and refrigerated it. Later we cut it and it was delicious! The rest went into a container for school Friday.

-Cupcakes. I’m making cupcakes straight outta SWEET UTOPIA for the classes, most likely vanilla. Simple and they please everyone. I’m sure the cupcakes will be decorated with plenty of frosting and colored sugar by a 5 year old tomorrow.

-Jello. In addition to all the other sweets, the class is having red jello, but my kids will be sent with vegan fruit gel cups from the refrigerator section at Trader Joe’s. These are quite delicious.

-Candy. Yup, they’re also having conversation hearts at the party, but my kids will take their favorite vegan jellybeans from veganstore.com. What a treat!

-Cheese and dip. Also at the party will be cheese and crackers, and dip and veggies. I’ll send in Tofutti cheese slices from the supermarket and some humus, and vegan whole grain crackers from Trader Joe’s (just in case).

-Pizza. Yes, they’re also having pizza! These kids can really eat! I’ll have to make pizza for dinner tomorrow night and put some aside for them for the next day’s lunch. I use a ready refrigerated dough, marinara and Daiya cheese.

-Plates. Can you believe they also want me to bring in heart plates to the party? Quick trip to the dollar store and I got this covered.

Glad I got so much done before this crazy snowstorm.

Can’t wait until Friday!! The kids are going to get so high on sugar, and they’ll crash right in time to go home!





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