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Five Huge Reasons Why We Need Vegan Kids February 17, 2010

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Many of you know that I have two little boys that I’ve raised vegan since the start. They are strong, tall, thin, healthy, happy and super-intelligent and witty, well, I won’t get carried away on a mom rave. Not only did I have amazing pregnancies, but I’ve had a blast raising these vegan kids, and nothing ever made me question that. I’m all for adoption as well as having a limited number of biological children, and know that we must invest in vegan kids for the future of this planet. Here’s why.

1. To speak the truth. Who’s going to connect the dots for the other kids between “this little piggy” and ham? At this point in history, there are no teachers spreading the vegan word in our schools. Kids need to be the advocates and educators for the animals. Since kids are most influenced by their peers starting in kindergarten, there’s no time like the present to teach kids where food comes from, enabling them to be little vegan messengers. On a broader scale, we need to get vegan kids prepped to function in the nonvegan world, ready to influence nonvegans, and create the planet we envision. This means we need to allow our kids to mix and mingle with all folks, not to segregate them.

2. Social organization, peewee style. By all means, we need to form communities with our little ones. Vegan playdates! Vegan parenting groups! It’s so important to have this social network that breeds affirmation and organization, but I think it’s equally as important to get away from it just as often, so kids don’t become overly sheltered. We need them to feel comfortable across societal lines.

3. Our communal health depends on vegan kids. Have you looked around the US lately? We’re out of control with obesity, diabetes, high cholesterol and all kinds of ailments hitting at young ages like never before. A vegan diet has virtually no cholesterol, and a much, much lower level of saturated fat. With proper nutrition, vegans eat a variety of vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, and whole grains that build a healthy, disease-resistant body. And what about all the diseases that are mutating from farm animals–Swine Flu, Mad Cow, and many more to come. Also, animal waste runoff has led to many outbreaks of E. coli poisoning from vegetables, and this problem is getting worse.

4. The earth. Our environment simply cannot sustain a population fed with animal products. How much longer are we going to clearcut forests to raise cattle, pollute our water with hormones and antibiotics from factory farms, allow animal waste to contaminate land and water, and feed most of our grain to farm animals rather than people? Isn’t it a major sign that antibiotics don’t work anymore because animals have been dosed with them for so long that people have built up immunity?  People are interested in becoming more “green” and there’s one major way to do this. Go vegan.

5. To make it fun and exciting. Let’s face it, kids can make veganism enticing and cool as no adult can. More and more young people are becoming vegetarian and vegan, and are educating their older family members. Youth will be the key in making a vegan lifestyle become the norm. It’s happening!





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