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Fun Kids’ Pizza March 8, 2010

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I got tired of feeding my kids this weekend and we needed to find something fun to do, so I decided to let them make their own dinners. What a blast they had! Here’s what it takes to do this fun and healthy food “project” yourselves:

-Whole grain tortillas (without preservatives), whole wheat or corn, whole wheat pitas or flatbreads

-Tomato sauce or ketchup

-Nondairy cheese shreds

-Olive oil with a pouring spout on the bottle


-Shredded carrot

-Shredded fresh spinach

-Sliced mushrooms

-Sliced olives

-Thinly sliced or diced bell peppers

-Tiny broccoli florets

Let the kids make their own pizzas, to their specifications, and just bake and enjoy!

Next time we’ll do dessert pizzas.


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