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Iron Woman – Or, Beating Anemia, Vegan-Style August 13, 2015

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A friend of mine, an avid meat eater, unfortunately, recently found out that she was severely anemic. Her doctor told her to eat copious amounts of bloody red meat each week, almost daily. She reminded me of how when i was pregnant, I overcame a case of anemia within a week. Here’s what I ate:

-Organic Blackstrap Molasses by the spoonful, with some orange juice as a chaser, because Vitamin C helps you to absorb iron

–Dried Apricots, preferably unsulphured

–Lentils, again with citrus, lime is yummy, as is my lentil-walnut pate, recipe on the blog

–Dark red kidney beans and black beans

–Drops of Yellow Dock tincture in some orange juice, several times per day (purchased through Amazon or health store)

–Spinach, raw and cooked, with lemon

My midwife was shocked at how quickly I snapped back into health after the brief bout of pregnancy anemia. I proceeded to have a super healthy pregnancy!!